Ark Kids Elementary: Go (Missions Series)

Go Week 2: I Can Tell!

Join Ark Kids as they travel to Sierra Leone in Africa and share about Jesus through a movie.

Large Group

Large Group Instructions

Countdown / Rules
Materials: Lesson Plan

The Engage segments suggest using "The Mission Theme" by John Williams as news desk music and "Hooray For Hollywood" Instrumental for the game background music.

Materials: Lab Coat, Suit, Desk, Handheld Microphone, Can of Soda
  • Host enters

Host Welcome to the Lab! I am excited to discover what God is going to teach us about how to serve others.

  • Play “The Mission Theme” 0:00-0:15

    Co-Host is sitting behind a desk when the Host enters. He/She touches his/her ear and shuffles papers, as if receiving a special report.

Co-Host This just in…local teacher/lab assistant makes little children cry tears of boredom. Back to you, Skip.

Host What are you doing?

Co-Host I got a job working for Skip McDougall’s Action 4 newscast. He said I’m an intern. I bet that’s someone who gets paid a lot of money.

Host An intern for Rusty’s cousin, Skip? Take my advice. I doubt he plans to give you any real stories. He’s probably just using you to pick up his laundry.

(Play “The Mission Theme” 0:00-0:15 Co-Host pretends to get another report.)

Co-Host This just in, local teacher/lab assistant has no idea what he/she is talking about. Besides, I like picking up his laundry. Time for my break.

Co-Host puts his/her feet on the desk and slurps a soft drink.

Host If you want a real story to tell, then just stick with us, because we’re going to discover the best one ever, and it happens to be 100% true. Let’s see what's going on with Herman and Rusty but first, find someone nearby and share the best movie you’ve ever seen.

Materials: Lab Coat, Suit, Desk, Handheld Microphone, Button
  • Host enters. The Co-Host is already on stage behind the desk.

Host Have you seen my friend? I’m really want him/her to hear the Big Point.

  • Play “The Mission Theme” 0:00-0:15 Co-Host pretends to get another report.

Co-Host This just in, local teacher/lab assistant left me hanging in the makeup chair.

Host I’m not responsible for your on camera makeup.

Co-Host Local teacher is currently losing his/her mind.

Host Let‘s just choose an assistant to help us reveal today’s Big Point.

(Host and Co-Host choose a kid to volunteer.)

Co-Host Sources say that you will press that button after we count down from three and then read the Big Point. 3…2…1!

Co-Host Let’s all say it together, I Can Tell! Tell what?

Host The greatest story ever told, the story of Jesus and how He gave His life to save us, the story of how much He loves us, and the story of how we can spend forever with Him.

Co-Host Everyone’s heard that story before. It’s old news. Skip says we only need new news, and when you can’t find facts, make them up.

Host Three billion people have little or no access to the Bible, so it’s not old news.

  • “The Mission Theme” 0:00-0:15 Co-Host pretends to get another report.

Co-Host This just in, local teacher/lab assistant is making up numbers. How do you live with yourself?

Host It’s true, but we can change that when we go and tell the story.

Co-Host How can I tell the story? It would take me like six hours just to get started.

Host Let’s play a game to test our abilities to tell a quick story. I’m going to put a movie up on screen, and we’re going to see if kids can tell us the plot of the story in ten seconds or less.

Co-Host Awesome! My first assignment.

  • Co-Host goes out into the audience and asks them to describe the plot in 10 seconds. Give them a sample first to show them how it’s done. Keep the plot to one or two sentences.

Co-Host Wow, they did a great job.

Host We can tell the story of Jesus just as easily, and the best part is that His story can change a person’s life forever. Let’s watch the story of some missionaries who shared the good news in Sierra Leone.

Materials: Lab Coat, Suit, Desk, Handheld Microphone, Button, Megaphone
  • Host enters

Host It’s so cool that people in the village learned about Jesus through that movie. That was living out our Big Point. Let’s say it again

Host I Can Tell!

  • Co-Host rushes onstage.

Co-Host It’s a slow news day, and Skip is breathing down my neck. Any mass panic among the kids? No? How about a disgruntled second grader?

Host If you want some news, let’s check out our Big Verse.

(Host and Co-Host choose a kid to volunteer.)

Co-Host According to headlines, you should hit the button as we count down from three, and then you’ll read the verse. 3, 2, 1!

  • Allow the child to read the Big Verse.

Co-Host Tell the nations? Who’s the nations? What are we supposed to tell them?

Host “The nations” was a way of describing everyone in the world. The verse makes it simple. We just tell them what God has done. Let’s try it right now. We’re going to bring this megaphone around to you guys and let you say one thing God has done.

Co-Host Could it be something they’ve read in the Bible?

Host Sure, or we can tell others things that God has done for us personally. I’ll get us started by sharing something from my life.

(Allow several kids to stand and tell something God has done. As they do, allow them to shout it through the megaphone.)

  • (Play “The Mission Theme” 0:00-0:15) Co-Host sits at the desk.

Co-Host This just in, God has done a lot for these kids, and they just told a lot of other kids about it. More news at 11, back to you Skip.

Host We can all go out and help others by telling them about Jesus. That makes each of us a missionary. If you had the cure for a disease, you’d probably tell a lot of people about it. We have something even better, Jesus! Let’s stand and tell what God has done with our worship!


I’m sure having a friend nearby, like Barnabas, helped Paul stay strong. That’s one of the many great things about being a Christian - we aren’t alone. Look around you. We have so many other people who care about us. When we feel lonely or afraid, they help remind us of the truth. Some of you might be nervous about telling others the good news about Jesus. Or some of you may feel like you’re the only Christian in your whole school. You’re not alone. I’m going to ask our Adult Volunteers to pray for you as you stand to worship. They will pray that you remember that you’re not alone, and to believe with you that God will give you the opportunity and courage to keep sharing about Jesus. Let’s stand and sing.

Materials: Lab Coat, Suit, Desk, Handheld Microphone, Paper Cups or Cans (2), 70ft of String
  • Host and Co-Host enter

  • (Play “The Mission Theme” 0:00-0:15)

Co-Host This just in, Paul and Barnabas didn’t let anything stop them from telling the good news about Jesus. We can do the same thing, and that news will help everyone.

Host Now that’s a news report that I can get behind. Let’s say the Big Point again,

Host I Can Tell!

Co-Host I think it’s cool that missionaries tell people about Jesus all over the world.

Host We can, too. Our families can write cards, send videos online, or call people. Telling about Jesus is a great thing to do together.

Co-Host Do you think the message of Jesus’ love can go all over the world?

Host I think this experiment will help us see. It’s something you guys can try at home. We attached this string to two cups (or cans). I’m going to hold one end, and (Co-Host) will take the other end to you. We’ll see if you can hear what I say.

  • Have the Co-Host take the end of the “telephone” to different kids.

Co-Host How does it work?

Host The sound waves travel as vibrations across the string. When it reaches the other cup/can, it’s converted back into sound waves.

Co-Host It’s a great reminder that we can tell the good news all across the world. I decided to stop working for Skip. I can share good news on my own and not have to carry pounds of laundry.

Host I think that’s a great idea. Let’s gather in our small groups and discuss what we have discovered about telling others about Jesus.

Small Group Leader
  • Play: Slides - Small Group Slide
  • Gather the kids into small groups and discuss the following.

  1. Did you know that so many people around the world don’t know the story of Jesus? What can we do about that?
  2. What good choices did Paul and Barnabas make in the Big Story? Could we follow their example?
  3. Let’s practice the Big Verse. What is something God has done for you?
  4. What did Herman tell us to do with our families in the Big Do?
  • Choose two kids from the audience to come on stage and answer the question.

  1. Our Big Point says I Can ______! a. Keep Quiet b. Tell

  2. Who asked Paul to tell him about Jesus? a. Priest b. Governor

  3. Who tried to stop Paul from sharing the good news? a. Elymas b. Roman Soliders

  4. Paul and Barnabas were scared of Elymas and quit. a. True b. False

  5. What are some things you could tell that God has done?

  6. Complete the Big Verse: Psalm 105:1 (NIrV), “Give praise to the Lord and announce who He is. Tell ______ what He has done.” a. The nations b. No one

  7. Almost everyone in the world knows a lot about Jesus. a. True b. False

  8. Only Christians with TV shows can tell others about Jesus. a. True b. False

  9. What happened to Elymas when he tried to stop Paul? a. He was temporarily blinded b. He was promoted by the governor

  10. What challenge did Herman give us as this week’s Big Do?

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