Ark Kids Elementary: Go (Missions Series)

Go Week 1: I Can Go!

Join Ark Kids as they travel to Sierra Leone, Africa, to learn more about missionaries and what they do to help others.

Large Group

Large Group Instructions

Countdown / Rules
Materials: Lesson Plan

The following music selections are suggested for this lesson.

"Should I Stay Or Should I Go" by The Clash

"Where In The World Is Carmen Santiego" Instrumental

Materials: Lab Coat (2), Rolling Chair, Handcuffs
  • Host enters

Host Welcome to the Lab! Are you ready for an exciting adventure today?


Play 1:05-1:29 of "Should I Stay Or Should I Go" by the Clash.

  • Co-Host rolls onstage. He/She is handcuffed to a rolling chair.

Co-Host I’ve got the answer to your question, NO!

Host What do you have against going?

Co-Host Nothing. I love going. I go eat pizza. I go to the mall. I even went, past tense of go, to the park. I’m just not sure if I’m cut out to go help others.

Host I’ve got the answer to that question. You are! This month is all about going to serve others. We call that missions. Missionaries are people who go around our community, and even around the world, to help others.

Co-Host We can be do that, too?

Host Yes, anyone can be a missionary. Today we will explore that truth together. Let’s check in with Herman and Rusty but first, turn to someone nearby and share where you like to go for dinner.

Co-Host Can you roll me offstage?

Materials: Lab Coat (2), Inflatable Globe, Button
  • Host and Co-Host enter.

Host I know you’re a little nervous about being a missionary, but I think the more we dig into what the Bible says, the better you’ll feel about the idea.

Co-Host I’m wiling to give it a shot if they are. Are you guys up for learning the Big Point? Let‘s choose an assistant to help us reveal today’s Big Point.

(Host and Co-Host choose a kid to volunteer.)

Host You can press that button after we count down from three and then read the Big Point. 3…2…1!

Co-Host Let’s all say the Big Point together, I Can Go! I’m guessing the “I” means super Christians who have memorized the entire Bible.

Host Nope, the ”I” means anyone who follows Jesus. We can all go and serve others. Let’s play a little game to see how well you can figure out some places we can go. I call it, “Where in the World are Rusty and Diego?”

Co-Host Dora’s cousin?

  • Split the room into teams. Have an adult volunteer lead each team. See which team can answer the question with the fewest clues.

  • Play Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego Instrumental

Co-Host Wow, those look like some interesting places.

Host They are, and those are just a few of the many countries in our world. In every country across the globe, there are people who need to hear the good news about Jesus.

Co-Host Even ours?

Host Yes, even in our country. We can all be part of God’s plan to share the good news. Let’s check out some people who went to the country of Sierra Leone in Africa to help others.

Materials: Lab Coat (2), Headphones
  • Host and Co-Host enter.

Host It’s so cool to see what it’s like in other countries.

Co-Host It reminds you of how we really are all alike. That makes it easier for me to think about doing our Big Point. Let’s say it again,

Co-Host I Can Go!

Host Let’s check out our Big Verse to find out why God wants us to go.

(Host chooses a kid volunteer.)

Co-Host Hit the button as we count down from three, and then you can read the verse. 3, 2, 1!

  • Allow the child to read the Big Verse.

Co-Host Who said to do that?

Host Jesus actually gave that command right before He left to go back to Heaven. It gives us the game-plan for what God wants His followers to do. Our job is to help others know that Jesus loves them and wants them to follow Him.

Co-Host Do we really have to go? Couldn’t we make disciples just by hinting from far off?

Host Let’s use a game to demonstrate. I’m going to choose two teams. It’s your job to get your teammate to guess which animal you’re acting out. It’s like charades, except one team can’t use sounds, and the other team can.

(Have the team that can use sounds wear a headphone. Have the kids who are guessing stand with their backs to the opposite team. )

Co-Host It’s a lot easier to guess when you can hear.

Host It’s a lot easier to choose to follow Jesus when you can hear the good news about Him. That’s why Jesus wants us to go out and help others. When we show Jesus’ love and kindness, it gives us a chance to tell people about Jesus.

Co-Host That makes sense. We go to help others so we can point them to the person who loves them more than anyone else in the whole universe.

Host We can do that around the world or in our hometown. Everyone here can go and share the good news about Jesus. Let’s take a moment to stand and worship Him!


Let’s bow our heads and close our eyes. God has a special job for you and for me. He loves you so much and has perfectly created you to be part of what He’s doing in our world. That can start with simply helping others here in (Local town), and it could even lead you to one day doing something like Paul and Barnabas and going to another country. Let’s take just a moment to pray. In this time, tell God that you are willing to GO. Then let’s ask God to speak to us about where He would like us to GO and what He would like us to do to help others. When you’re finished, I will pray for everyone. (After prayer)

Some of you may have heard the Holy Spirit speak to your heart about what He wants you to do when you get home today, or tomorrow at school, or when you get older. If you did, share that with one of our adult volunteers during small group time. If you’re not sure how God’s leading you yet, don’t worry. Keep asking Jesus to speak to you, and I know that He will. (Pray)

Materials: Lab Coat (2), Handheld Microphone
  • Host and Co-Host enter.

Co-Host It is so cool that Paul and Barnabas chose to go. Because of them, millions and millions of people have learned about Jesus.

Host You never know the kinds of things God can do when you say, “Yes.” Let’s say The Big Point again,

Host I Can Go!

Co-Host Herman had a great idea for the Big Do this week. It’s easy, too. Just invite someone to church.

Host That’s a great way to get started. Let’s choose a Lab Assistant to help us interview some kids. (Choose an assistant) I want you to ask this question, “What are some ways we could serve others for Jesus?”

(Have the child interview a few kids.)

Co-Host Those are some great ideas. I’m actually excited about the idea of going.

Host Awesome! Let’s gather in our small groups and discuss what we have discovered about serving others.

Small Group Leader
  • Gather the kids into small groups and discuss the following.

  1. Have you ever visited another country? What did you do there?
  2. How would you feel if God asked you to go to another country as a missionary? What kind of attitude did Paul and Barnabas choose?
  3. What are some ways that we can serve others in our community?
  4. What did Herman tell us to do with our families in the Big Do?
  • Choose two kids from the audience to come on stage and answer the question.

  1. Our Big Point says I Can ______! a. Go b. Stay

  2. Which two guys did God ask to “go” in the Big Story? a. Mark and Luke b. Paul and Barnabas

  3. What do we call a person who goes out to serve others and tell them about Jesus? a. Ambassador b. Missionary ?

  4. What was the church doing when the Holy Spirit told Paul to “go?” a. Fasting b. Partying

  5. What are some ways that we can serve others in our community?

  6. Complete the Big Verse: Matthew 28:19 (NIrV), “So you must go and make ______ of all nations.” a. Armies b. Disciples

  7. Why is it important to go places and serve others for Jesus? So people can know Jesus and follow Him

  8. Kids can be missionaries, too. a. True b. False

  9. What was the name of the country the missionaries visited in the missions video today? Sierra Leone

  10. What challenge did Herman give us as this week’s Big Do?

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