I Will Give My Best

Herman invited everyone to come over and enjoy the holiday season as they raise some money for the local shelter. Hannah and Ethel are helping, but Herman feels like they don’t seem to be giving their best effort. They are rushing way too much so they can do other stuff, which makes Herman a little disappointed. This lesson presents God’s gift of salvation. Every church presents the Gospel with slight variations and nuances. Read through the steps before teaching. Present the Gospel in a way that is consistent with the scripture and God’s leading.
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Better to Give Week 3



Large Group Full Program Instructions

Countdown / Rules
WelcomeMaterials: Lab Coat (2), Boxes (2), Wrapping Paper (2), Scissors (2), Tape (2), Table (2)
Engage 2Materials: Lab Coat (2), What Does God Want Illusion

Large Group Full Program Instructions