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Thanks & Giving Week 1: Don't Forget To Say Thanks!

Engineer Kelly is in charge of the Train Station Thanksgiving party. She has a lot do and needs a lot of help. Unfortunately, she has forgotten to say two simple words, "Thank You." Hopefully, Conductor Carl can help her remember.

Large Group

Large Group Instructions

Countdown from 10
Materials: Lesson Plan

Engage 3 includes using sign language for "Thank You"

Materials: Overalls (2), Train Hat (2), Handkerchief (2)
  • Hosts enter.

Host Welcome to the Train Station, Jr. Conductors! I’m so glad that you came to visit us.

Co-Host We’re going to have a fun day today. But to get things started I need your help to say our special words.

(Co-Host acts as if he/she is going to say something but pauses.)

Host Aren’t you going to say the words?

Co-Host I can’t remember what I was going to say. I think it’s two words, and I wanted you to say them with me. Let’s hold up two fingers. I wish I wouldn’t have forgotten what they were. I think the words make a fun sound.

Host Is it shoo-shoo? Let’s say that together. That doesn’t sound right. Is it moo-moo? Let’s say that. Does that sound right?

Co-Host You know, it might be the sound of a train. Can you remember what sound a train makes? (Pause) Of course! We’re supposed to say, “Choo-Choo!” Thanks for helping me remember.

Host Great job, Jr. Conductors. Today is all about remembering, so be ready to help all of our friends at the Train Station. If you’re ready to have a fun day, then give me a loud “Choo-choo!”

Materials: Overalls (2), Train Hat (2), Handkerchief (2)
  • Hosts enter.

Host It seems like Engineer Kelly is forgetting to do something very important. Do you know what she forgot to do? She forgot to say, “Thank you.”

Co-Host It’s important to remember to thank someone when he or she helps you. Can you tell me the name of someone who helped you this week?

(Allow for answers.)

Host Let’s practice remembering as we play a game. I’ll show you a picture, and then hide the picture. Let’s see if you can remember what you saw.

  • Show a picture and then remove it from the screen. Ask questions about the different pictures, such as what color was the item, what sound does the animal in the picture make, etc. Repeat with each of the provided pictures.

  • Play: Slides - Engage 1 Circle
  • Play: Slides - Engage 1 Cow
  • Play: Slides - Engage 1 Dog
  • Play: Slides - Engage 1 Horse
  • Play: Slides - Engage 1 Park
  • Play: Slides - Engage 1 Triangle

Co-Host You did a great job remembering. I think you are the perfect Jr. Conductors to help Engineer Kelly remember to say, “Thank you.”

Host Whenever someone does something nice for us, we always want to say, “Thanks.” Did you know that we can tell God “Thank You” for all of the great things He does for us?

Co-Host Be sure to let Engineer Kelly know what you learned at the Music Store. Before we find her, we should stand and practice today’s Big Point.

  • Play: Big Point Video Short
  • Practice the Big Point and have the kids return to their pockets.

Materials: Overalls, Train Hat, Handkerchief, Binoculars
  • Hosts enter.

Host Why did Engineer Kelly have the string on her finger? (Pause) That’s right; she put it there to help her remember to say, “Thank you” to her friends and to God.

Co-Host Do you think she will do what the Big Point says? I do, too. Let’s stand and say our Big Point,

Co-Host Don’t Forget To Say Thanks!

Host Let’s read today’s Big Verse.

  • Play: Slides - Big Verse Slide

Host Colossians 4:2 (NIrV) says, “Always be watchful and thankful.” Being watchful means that you are always looking.

Co-Host Let’s pretend to use binoculars. Binoculars help you see things that are far away. I have an idea. I will choose something in this room, and you can use your pretend binoculars to guess what I chose. I’ll give you a hint.

(Play “I Spy” with the kids using different items around the room.)

Host That was fun. It’s important to watch carefully so that we notice when God or other people help us. When they help us, what should we say? (Pause) Yes, we say, “Thank you.” Let’s stand and say, “Thank You” to God by singing a song to Him.

  • Play: Slides - Big Story Slide

Jr. Conductors, close your eyes and think of one good thing that God has given to you. You could think of your house, your family, or even the food you eat. Think of that one thing and quietly tell God, “Thank You” for giving it to you. (Pause) Good job. That’s something you can do every single day. I’ll pray now and thank God, too.

Materials: Overalls, Train Hat, Handkerchief
  • Hosts enter.

Host I’m thankful that Engineer Kelly remembered to say, “Thank you” to all of her friends. It sounds like they had a great Thanksgiving party.

Co-Host That was a wise choice to follow the Big Point. Let’s say it again,

Co-Host Don’t Forget To Say Thanks!

Host There are lots of ways to say, “Thank you.” Let’s practice saying, “Thank you” in different languages. We speak English, but in other countries their words sound different.

  • Practice saying the following words with the kids and have them repeat them several times. You can even add extra words if you have time.

  • Play: Slides - Engage 3 Slide 4

Co-Host In Mexico they say, “Gracias” (GRAH-see-us)

  • Play: Slides - Engage 3 Slide 1

Co-Host When saying “Thank you.” In France you say, “Merci.” (MEHR-see)

  • Play: Slides - Engage 3 Slide 2

Host If you were in Japan, you would say, “Arigato.” (ah-ree-GAH-toh)

  • Play: Slides - Engage 3 Slide 3

Host In China they say, “Xie xie” (she-eh she-eh).

In sign language, you do this (Show sign language for “Thank you”)

Co-Host No matter what language you use, it’s important to say, “Thank you.” You could have fun and use one of these new words to thank your mom or dad today.

Host I’m so glad that you visited the Train Station today. Don’t forget our Big Point! Let’s say it together,

Host Don’t Forget To Say Thanks!



  1. Let’s Practice our Big Point again. Hmm, did our Big Point say Don’t Forget To Say Thanks or Always Forget to Say Thanks?

  2. Let’s pretend to tie a string around our finger. Wrap it around and around and around. Tie it in a bow. Who had a string on her finger at the Train Station today? Conductor Carl or Engineer Kelly? Why did she have a string on her finger? She wanted to remember to say, “Thank you.”

  3. Let’s count to ten using our fingers. (Count) You have ten fingers. Do you have ten of anything else? Do you have ten eyes? Do you have ten noses? That’s right, you have ten toes. Why did the ten guys ask Jesus for help in our Big Story? They had a skin sickness How many came back to say, “Thank you” to Jesus? One

  4. Who helped Engineer Kelly get ready for the party? Conductor Gordon, Conductor Carl, Chef Bananas How did they help her? Conductor Gordon talked to Farmer Fran about the tractor, Conductor Carl brought the decorations, Chef Bananas baked a cake Were they glad when she told them “Thank you?” Yes

  5. Let’s think of something good that God has done for us. Think really hard. What did you think of? Let’s practice telling God, “Thank You” after each Jr. Conductor shares.

  6. Let’s look all around the room. Can you tell me something you see? What else do you see? What does our Big Verse say? Colossians 4:2 (NIrV), “Always be watchful and ______.” a. Thankful b. Angry


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