Ark Kids Junior: Power Up (Easter Series)

Power Up For Easter Week 3: I Can Serve!

The cake shop is flooding, but Farmer Faith isn't sure if she can help.

Large Group

Large Group Instructions

Countdown from 10
Materials: Lesson Plan
Materials: Overalls (2), Train Hat (2), Handkerchief (2), Tray, Cups, Plates
  • Host enters

Host Welcome to the Train Station, Jr. Conductors! I’m so glad that you are visiting.

  • Co-Host enters carrying a tray of cups and plates. The Co-Host pretends like he/she is about to drop the tray. Wobble back and forth across the stage.

Co-Host Watch out! I might drop these.

Host Oh my, let’s stand up and pretend to carry a tray of plates and cups, like our friend.

(Lead the kids in pretending to hold a tray.)

Co-Host You’re very good at this job. You should help me. I’m serving dinner to my friends at a party at Chef Bananas’ cake shop.

Host That’s what we are going to learn about today, serving. If you’re ready to discover God’s truth with Conductor Carl, say, “Choo-choo!”

Materials: : Overalls (2), Train Hat (2), Handkerchief (2), Bucket, Clothes, Broom, Mop, Cups or Plates, Wash Cloth
  • Host and Co-Host enter.

Host What is happening to Chef Bananas’ cake shop?

Co-Host It is flooding. If we don’t stop the water, then I won’t be able to have my party.

Host Maybe you could take this bucket and use it to get rid of some of the water.

Co-Host Jr. Conductors, do you think I could help?

Host Let’s stand and practice our Big Point again to answer that question.

Host I Can Serve!

Host Anyone can help. We call that serving. Let’s play a game. I’ll act out some different ways that someone can serve. You and the Jr. Conductors can try to guess what I’m doing.

(Act out different tasks, such as washing dishes or folding laundry, using the props. Help the kids identify the task.)

Co-Host Could the Jr. Conductors serve like that, too?

? Host Shake your head, “Yes.” We can all choose to serve, and we don’t have to do it alone. We have God’s help.

Co-Host I’m going to use that bucket to serve Chef Bananas.

Materials: Overalls (2), Train Hat (2), Handkerchief (2)
  • Host and Co-Host enter.

Host Do you think that Farmer Faith can help Chef Bananas? She sure can because we know the Big Point is true for everyone. Let’s stand and say the Big Point again.

Host I Can Serve!

Co-Host Inspector Nigel found a great verse in the Bible.

Co-Host Philippians 2:4 (NIrV), “Each of you should also look out for the good of others.” How do we do that?

Host That means we want to be on the lookout for ways to help other people.

Co-Host Let’s look at these pictures and see if we can figure out how to help. Jr. Conductors, make binoculars with your hands, so we can look closely.

(With each of the following slides, have the kids identify the problem and identify how the child is helping. You can act it out with the kids)

Host You did a great job! Keep looking all around to find ways you can serve. You can look at home, at your school, and even here at church.

Co-Host I’m glad that we can all follow our Big Point. Let’s stand up and worship God.


That little boy wasn’t sure if his lunch could help, but he still gave what he had. You can too. Let’s pray and ask God to help us think of a way to help someone else. God can give you great ideas to help. Take a moment and pray quietly at your seat. (Pause) Great job! I’ll pray, too.

Materials: Overalls (2), Train Hat (2), Handkerchief (2), Clothes, Laundry Basket
  • Host and Co-Host enter.

Host I’m so glad Farmer Faith chose to help Chef Bananas. She used our Big Point,

Host I Can Serve!

Co-Host Because of Farmer Faith’s help, I can have my party there tonight. I think I will practice the Big Do that Conductor Carl gave us at my party tonight.

Host That’s a great idea. Jr. Conductors, do you think that you can find one way to help at your house?

Co-Host Helping doesn’t have to be boring. You can make it a game. Let’s play a game with these clothes. We’ve chosen some friends to help us toss these clothes into the basket. Try to get them all in the basket while we cheer.

(Play the game, more than once, if possible.)

Host That was fun. I can’t wait to hear how you help this week when you do the Big Do. Let’s practice the Big Point one more time.

Host I Can Serve!

  1. Let’s Practice our Big Point again. Hmm, did our Big Point say I Can Serve! or I Can’t Serve?

  2. Let’s pretend to swim in deep water. Move your arms. Dive down deep. Which place at the Train Station was full of water today? Cake shop Who helped Chef Bananas? Farmer Faith

  3. Let’s pretend to make lunch. What should we make? (Pretend to make the lunch) Take a bite. Was it good? Who shared His lunch with Jesus? The young boy What kind of food was in the lunch? Fish and bread

  4. Pretend to pass out fish and bread. Count them as you hand them out. (Pretend to count bread and fish) What happened when Jesus passed out the bread and fish? It didn’t run out Did everyone fill their tummies with good food? Yes

  5. What are some ways that you can help at home? Let’s pretend to do some of those things. (Act them out) Can anyone help others and serve? Yes

  6. Let’s play a game of “I Spy.” I’ll spy things around the room, and you guess what I’m spying. (Play the game) What does our Big Verse say? Philippians 2:4 (NIrV), “Each of you should also _____ out for the good of others.” a. Look b. Ignore


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