Ark Kids Junior: Great Joy (Christmas Series)

Great Joy Week 4: Jesus Is King!

Engineer Kelly and Engineer Courtney are searching for the missing king. Can they find him before the big Christmas play? Inspector Nigel is here to help them solve the mystery.

Large Group

Large Group Instructions

Countdown from 10
Materials: Lesson Plan
Materials: Overalls (2), Train Hat (2), Handkerchief (2)
  • Host and Co-Host enter

Host Welcome to the Train Station, Jr. Conductors! Christmas is really close.

Co-Host I can’t wait to have fun with my family, open presents, and eat lots of yummy food. What do you like to eat at Christmas?

Host I love hot chocolate with marshmallows. Conductor Gordon makes the best cocoa. Pour some hot milk into your mug. Stir in the chocolate. Let’s smell the chocolate. I think it’s going to be delicious. The drink is really hot, so we should blow on it to cool it down. Let’s sip. Mmm, that’s good.

Co-Host Pretend to drop some marshmallows into your mug. Look in your mug. How many marshmallows are in your cup? (Pause) I can’t wait to have a cup of Conductor Gordon’s famous cocoa after our Christmas play.

Host Jr. Conductors, if you’re ready for a great day at the Train Station, give me a “Choo-choo!”

Materials: Overalls (2), Train Hat (2), Handkerchief (2)
  • Host and Co-Host enter

Host Engineer Kelly and Engineer Courtney are searching for the missing king. It sounds like an important job. Are you good at searching?

Co-Host Let’s practice by looking at these pictures.

  • Play: Slides - Engage 1a

Co-Host Hmm…which is the correct missing piece? (Help the kids decipher the missing item) Look, you found it.

  • Play: Slides - Engage 1b
  • Play: Slides - Engage 1c

Host One of these stars is not on the Christmas tree. Let’s see if we can figure out which one. (Help the kids decipher the missing item)

  • Play: Slides - Engage 1d

Co-Host You did a great job. I’m sure you will be a big help to Engineer Kelly and Courtney. Actually, I think the Big Point will help teach us the answer to their problem. Let’s visit the music store and practice the Big Point.

  • Play: Big Point Video Short

Co-Host ** Jesus Is King!**

Host Do you think that Conductor Gordon wanted them to search for Jesus? He is the king. Oh, I know. I think they are supposed to search for the baby Jesus doll for the Christmas play. We should probably tell them, so they will know where to look.

Materials: Overalls (2), Train Hat (2), Handkerchief (2), Child-sized King Costume
  • Host and Co-Host enter

Host Inspector Nigel seemed surprised to learn that the king they were looking for was a baby. I guess he forgot that Christmas teaches us that our Big Point is true. Let’s say it together,

Host Jesus is King!

Co-Host Let’s read today’s Big Verse. It’s found in

  • Play: Slides - Big Verse Slide

Co-Host Isaiah 9:6 (NIrV), “A child will be born to us…He will rule over us.” Jesus is the right One to be in charge, and when we listen and obey our leader, Jesus, it makes our world so much better.

Host I’m going to choose a friend to come up and put on this king costume. Let’s think of how people are supposed to act around a king. Do they stick out their tongues and say “Na, na, na, na, boo, boo!” No! People honor the king. Let’s stand and bow. That shows respect.

Co-Host Do people call the king silly names like, “King Booger?” No, they use respectful words. Let’s wave at the king and say, “Welcome, king!” Do they stick their fingers in their ears, so they don’t have to listen to the king? No. (Point to your ears) They listen.

Host What else can we do to show respect to a king?

(Allow for answers and have the kids pretend to do other actions. Afterwards, dismiss the volunteer.)

Co-Host Jesus is a more important king than anyone else, so it’s a good choice to show lots of respect to Jesus. We want to let everyone know that we think Jesus is a special king.

Host There were some people who visited Jesus in the Bible. They knew that Jesus is the most special king of all, and they made sure to show it. We’ll head to the Big Story Station soon and hear their story, but first let’s stand and worship Jesus.

  • Play: Slides - Big Story Slide

Since we know that Jesus is our King, let’s give Him a gift today. Do you have gold or frankincense and myrrh? No? I know something we can give that Jesus will love - our “Thank yous.” Let’s close our eyes and quietly tell Jesus, “Thank You” for being a kind and loving King. (Pause) I love hearing you chat with God. Let’s remember today, on Christmas morning, and every day that Jesus is our King. We can all tell our friends and family that Jesus is a good King. I’d like to pray for us now.

Materials: Overalls, Train Hat, Christmas Gift (2-3)
  • Host and Co-Host enter

Host I think that our Christmas play is going to be great this year. Thank you for helping Engineer Kelly and Engineer Courtney learn our Big Point. Let’s say it together,

Host Jesus Is King!

Co-Host I think we should play a fun game. Do you like to find presents under your Christmas tree? Me, too. When you hear the Christmas music, pass the Christmas present to the person next to you. Let’s see how far we can pass it before the music stops.

  • Play some Christmas Music of your choice. Have the Adults (volunteers) help the kids pass the present along their row. Use multiple presents spread throughout the room. Encourage the kids to go as fast as they can. Stop and start the music a few times.

Co-Host That was fun. When you open presents at Christmas, remember the presents that the Wise Men brought to Jesus.

Host They worshipped Jesus, and we can worship Him, too. Our Big Point brings great joy. Let’s say it together.

Host Jesus Is King!

  1. Let’s Practice our Big Point again.

Jesus Is King! Hmm, did our Big Point say Jesus Is King or Jesus Is Missing? Jesus Is King!

  1. Let’s play “I Spy.” I’m going to spy something in the room and see if you can find what I’m looking for. I’ll give you lots of clues. (Play) Who was Engineer Courtney and Engineer Kelly looking for? Missing King Where did they try to find the king? Castle

  2. Let’s stand and pretend to ride a bumpy camel. (Pretend to ride) What does a camel’s back look like? It has a bump on it. Some have two bumps. Who rode camels to find Jesus? Wise Men What did the Wise Men follow in the sky? Star

  3. Let’s pretend to open a gift. Can you rip open the wrapping paper? What color is the wrapping paper on your gift? What kind of gifts did the Wise Men bring Jesus? Gold, Frankincense, Myrrh Why did the Wise Men bring gifts? To honor and respect Jesus as King

  4. Let’s pretend to bow like we’re standing in front of the king. Who was the missing king Engineer Courtney and Engineer Kelly found? Baby Jesus Doll Is Jesus still the king? Yes Should we listen and obey Jesus? Yes Is Jesus a good king? Yes

  5. What does our Big Verse say? Isaiah 9:6 (NIrV), “A child will be born to us…He will ____ over us.” a. Rule b. Cry


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