Ark Kids Junior: God's Love Is

God's Love Is Week 1: God Is Love!

While decorating for the Train Station's Valentine's Day party, Engineer Kelly begins to wonder what it means to love. Join her as she discovers what God says about love.

Large Group

Large Group Instructions

Countdown from 10
Materials: Lesson Plan
Materials: Overalls (2), Train Hat (2), Handkerchief (2
  • Host and Co-Host enter.

Host (VFX: Title Slide) Welcome to the Train Station, Jr. Conductors! I’m so glad that you came to visit us.

Co-Host Me, too! Today is going to be such a fun day at the Train Station! It’s all decorated for this very special day.

Host We’re going to find out more about that soon when we visit Conductor Carl. While we wait, would you like to exercise your brain?

Co-Host I know how to exercise my muscles. Let’s move our arms around. See, we moved our arm muscles.

Host We’re going to use our brain muscles. I’ll show you a letter, and you tell me which one it is.

Co-Host The Jr. Conductors knew all those letters.

Host Let’s put them together to make a word. Can you tell me what word we spelled? (Allow the kids to answer) That’s right; this spells love.

Co-Host I think that’s a hint about what we’re going to discover today at the Train Station. If you’re ready to visit with Conductor Carl and his friends, make a big “Choo-choo!”

Materials: Overalls (2), Train Hat (2), Handkerchief (2), Stuffed Animal
  • Host and Co-Host enter.

Host I can’t wait for the Train Station’s Valentine’s Day party.

Co-Host Engineer Kelly is doing a good job with those heart balloons, and she is very curious about love. Have you ever told someone that you love them? Who did you tell?

Host When I was a Jr. Conductor, I loved to tell my mommy and daddy, “I love you!” Do you ever give a big hug when you tell a parent or grandparent that you love them?

Co-Host Let’s choose a Jr. Conductor to show us how to give a big, giant hug. (Choose a volunteer) You can use this stuffed animal to show us your biggest hug. Let’s all pretend to hug with him/her.

Host Good job! (Dismiss the volunteer) We give hugs to show love. I will show you some pictures, and you tell me how that person is showing love.

Co-Host We don’t just say the words; we also show love. How do we know how to show love?

Host We have Someone very special who teaches us how to love. Do you know who it is? (Allow for answers) God! God teaches us how to love.

Co-Host That’s what we discovered in our Big Point. We want to follow God’s example so we can love others. Let’s practice the Big Point again.

Co-Host God Is Love!

Materials: Overalls (2), Train Hat (2), Handkerchief (2), Emoji Beach Balls
  • Host and Co-Host enter.

Host Professor Beaker thought our hearts teach us how to love. What sound does a heart make? (Pause) Bump, bump. Love isn’t about a heart that pumps our blood. We learn about love from God. Let’s stand and say the Big Point again.

Host God Is Love!

Co-Host I like the verse that Conductor Gordon shared. Let’s read it.

Co-Host 1 John 4:8 (NIrV) says, “God is love.” God created love, and He shows love to all of us, so we want to listen to God when He teaches us about love.

Host Can you love someone even if you don’t feel warm, squishy, loving feelings on the inside?

Co-Host That’s a good question. Let’s look at some emojis, like you see on your mommy or daddy’s phone. When you see one, tell me which feeling you think it shows. Then we can pretend we feel like that.

(Show the different emoji beach balls. With each emotion, talk about how you can still show love, even if you feel that way. If you don’t have emoji beach balls, you could use emoji balloons or even printout different emojis and show them.)

Co-Host We can show love no matter how we feel because God gives us the power to choose to love.

Host Jesus chooses to love us when we make good choices and even when we don’t. We want to love like that. Let’s stand and thank Jesus for His love.


Let’s pray and ask God to help us love our family and friends like He loves us. God can help us show lots of love. I have an idea. Hold your hand over your heart as I pray and think about someone you can show love to today. (Pray)

Materials: Overalls (2), Train Hat (2), Handkerchief (2), Inflatable Crayon, Clothes, Inflatable Donut, Stuffed Animal
  • Host and Co-Host enter.

Host How did Engineer Kelly show love to others? (Allow for Answers) She did a great job. I’m glad she learned our Big Point,

Host God Is Love!

Co-Host Do you think we could show love to others today?

Co-Host One way we could show love is by doing the Big Do. Conductor Carl gave us a great idea. We can make a valentine for someone in our family. I’m sure there are lots of other ways to show love.

Host I have some items that I want to show you. Tell me how we could use it to show love.

  • Bring out the Inflatable Crayon, Clothes, Inflatable Donut, Stuffed Animal.

    Show the items and talk about how you could use the item to show love such as giving to someone in need, drawing a picture, offering a smile, sharing a toy, etc. If you don’t have these items, feel free to substitute with items that you do have.

Co-Host Good job, Jr. Conductors. There are lots of fun ways to show love. We could do today’s Big Do that Conductor Carl shared with us. What kind of Valentine could you make for someone today?

Host Those are creative ideas. I’m so glad that you joined us at the Train Station. Let’s practice our Big Point one more time!

Host God Is Love!

  1. Hmm, did our Big Point say God Is Love or Hearts Are Love? God Is Love

  2. Let’s pretend to hold a bunch of balloons. Uh-oh, the wind is blowing hard. Let’s make the sound of wind. Stand up and pretend the wind is blowing your balloons around and around. You can sit on your pockets. What shape were the balloons Engineer Kelly had today? Hearts What did Engineer Kelly want to learn about?Love

  3. Let’s pretend that we are in a wedding. If you are a boy in a wedding, what kind of clothes do you wear? A tuxedo or suit. What do girls wear if they are in a wedding? Big dresses. Sometimes they toss rice at the wedding. Let’s toss seeds in the air. Sometimes they blow bubbles. Let’s pretend to blow bubbles. Who told Hosea to get married in our Big Story? God Did Hosea love His wife, Gomer? Yes

  4. Let’s pretend to eat some Valentine’s candy. What kind do you have? Mmm! Who gave Engineer Kelly candy? Chef Bananas How did Engineer Kelly show him love? Gave him a hug How did she show Lionel love? Forgave him

  5. What are some ways God shows us love? He helps us, is always with us, heals us when we’re sick, forgives us when we make a wrong choice What are some ways you can show love to someone today?

  6. Can you make a heart shape with your hands? Let’s practice doing that now. What does our Big Verse say? 1 John 4:8 (NIrV), “God __ love.” a. Is b. Is not


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