Ark Kids Junior: God's Love Is

God’s love is truly incomprehensible and so much better than we could ever imagine or wish

God IS Love - He can’t not love. That means you. Love is always coming from the Father towards you. God’s love is free - never earned. It’s a great reminder for all of us. Going to church, serving by teaching and connecting with kids, or sharing who Jesus is with others is never going to get God to love us more. All of that is simply a response to His love, not a prerequisite for it. And God loves us no matter what - period. To think that there is NOTHING we can say or do that will cause God to stop loving us is baffling, but it’s true.


God's  Love Is Week 1
God's Love Is Week 1

God Is Love!

While decorating for the Train Station's Valentine's Day party, Engineer Kelly begins to wonder what it means to love. Join her as she discovers what God says about love.

God's Love Is Week 2
God's Love Is Week 2

God's Love Is Free!

Farmer Faith learns that we can give our love away for free, just like God does.

God's Love Is Week 3
God's Love Is Week 3

God Loves Us No Matter What!

Lionel was supposed to fix Conductor Carl's car, but he made a mistake a scratched it. Lionel is worried that Conductor Carl will never forgive him. Hopefully, Conductor Carl can find him before he moves to Australia.