Ark Kids Junior: Go (Missions Series)

Go Week 4: I Can Keep Going!

Lionel learns to keep going and not give up.

Large Group

Large Group Instructions

Countdown from 10
Materials: Lesson Plan
Materials: Overalls, Train Hat, Handkerchief, Wind Up Crank, Monkey Costume, Cymbals
  • Host enters

Host Welcome to the Train Station, Jr. Conductors!

  • Co-Host enters. He/She is dressed like a monkey and walks on as if he/she is an old-fashioned wind-up toy. The Co-Host hits the cymbals like the classic monkey toy. If you don’t have access to a monkey costume, you could use a simple headband or just use the cymbals.

Host Oh my, I think our friend is pretending to be a toy monkey. Do you have a toy that can move on its own? What kind of toy is it?

(The Co-Host acts like he/she is running out of power and slumps over.)

Host Our friend stopped. Do you think he/she is out of power? What could we do to help?

Co-Host Use the key to wind me up.

Host That’s a great idea! Jr. Conductors, help me turn the crank. Turn it with all your might.

  • (Create a crank to pretend to wind up the “toy.” You could create one out of a wire coat hanger or an old-fashioned screwdriver that winds to move the screw.

    Host holds the windup crank to the Co-Host’s back and turns it. Have the kids pretend and count with you. The Co-Host perks up and walks around the stage faster.

Co-Host Wow! You gave me a lot of power. I can go fast.

Host Thanks, Jr. Conductors. Today we’re discovering Who gives us the power to keep going, even at times when we may not feel like it. If you’re ready for a great day at the Train Station, say “Choo-choo!”

Materials: Overalls, Train Hat, Handkerchief, Wind Up Crank, Monkey Costume, Cymbals
  • Host and Co-Host enter.

Host Do you think that Lionel can finish delivering all of the letters?

Co-Host It sounds like he still has lots of work to do. Maybe our Big Point will help all of us learn what to do when we have a big job. Let’s say it together. Everyone get your hand by your ear,

Co-Host I Can Keep Going!

Host When we feel tired, we can keep going.

Co-Host What about Jr. Conductors? Can they keep going?

Host What do you think, Jr. Conductors? Can you keep going, too? (Pause) You sure can! I have a fun idea. Let’s bring some friends up on stage. (Choose a few volunteers) We’re going to do some fun, but challenging, activities. We’ll see if we can keep going.

Co-Host What if they get so tired that they want to quit?

Host We’re all going to help each other to keep going. I need all of you to stand up and cheer loudly for your friends. Keep cheering to help our friends keep going.

  • Have the kids on stage try different challenging activities such as hopping up and down, running in place, standing on one leg, toe touches, jumping jacks, etc. Encourage everyone to continue cheering them on.

Co-Host You did a great job. It helped having friends to cheer us on.

Host As Christians we have the best friend of all to help us keep going, Jesus. He helps us finish the job He gave us of telling everyone that Jesus loves them. If you feel like quitting, remember that Jesus is cheering for you.

Co-Host Uh-oh. I’m running low on power.

Host Let’s help. Help me wind him/her up. (Help the kids wind them up) Great job, let’s see if Lionel can keep going.

Materials: Overalls, Train Hat, Handkerchief, Wind Up Crank, Monkey Costume, Cymbals, Inflatable Globes
  • Host and Co-Host enter.

Host Wow, I really liked seeing Moses’ school and house. Missionaries help kids like Moses all over the world. We can be part of what missionaries are doing when we follow our Big Point and keep doing what God has asked us to do. Let’s say our Big Point again,

Host I Can Keep Going!

Co-Host Let’s read the Big Verse that Conductor Carl shared.

Co-Host Matthew 24:14 (NIrV) says, “This good news of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world.” Who said that?

Host Jesus said that. He wants everyone in the whole world to know that He loves them.

Co-Host That’s a big job. Has everyone heard about Jesus?

Host No, there are a lot of people who still don’t know how much Jesus loves them, but we can tell them if we keep going. Let’s play a fun game to see how long we can keep going.

Co-Host We’re going to toss some beach balls that look like the world. It’s your job to keep them bouncing in the air. You can stand up, but you cannot move your feet. You can only use your hands. Ready? Go!

  • Play the game with the kids bouncing the inflatable globes.

Host Great job! You kept going. This beach ball of the world reminds me why it’s so important to help missionaries tell everyone about Jesus.

(Co-Host begins to power down.)

Co-Host Oh no, I’m running out of power. Can you help me, Jr. Conductors?

Host Let’s help our friend keep going.

(Lead the kids in pretending to wind up the Co-Host.)

Co-Host I feel like I can go really fast!

(Co-Host bounds around the stage.)

Host Thanks! Let’s keep going by praising God.


Whenever you feel like giving up, it’s nice to know that you have friends to help. Paul and Barnabas were friends and helped each other. Let’s practice praying for our friends. Everyone think of someone you want to pray for today. Take a moment to pray for them. Ask God to help them. (Pause) Now I’ll pray, too. Dear God, thank You for helping us to keep going so we can be part of telling everyone about You and how much You love them. It’s so fun to be Your big helpers. Amen.

Materials: Overalls, Train Hat, Handkerchief, Wind Up Crank, Monkey Costume, Cymbals, Heavy Weight
  • Host and Co-Host enter

Host I’m proud of Lionel for delivering all of the letters to the missionaries. He kept going and finished the job. We can be like Lionel when we follow the Big Point. Let’s say it again together. Everyone put your hand by your ear,

Host I Can Keep Going!

Co-Host That’s what Paul and Barnabas did. They kept going, even when people were mean to them. They helped lots of people learn about Jesus.

Host They had God’s help! The Holy Spirit gave them power to keep going. Let me show you what I mean. Can you make a big muscle? Wow, I see a lot of muscles. Let’s choose a Jr. Conductor to come up and help us.

Co-Host We have a really heavy weight. Do you think that you can lift it? Give it a try.

(allow child to try)

Co-Host That was hard to do on your own.

Host It’s hard to keep going on your own, too. The good news is that we don’t have to do it by ourselves. We have God’s help. Let’s choose a Train Station assistant to help you lift that weight.

(Choose a volunteer to help the child lift the weight.)

Co-Host God helps us, just like our assistant helped the Jr. Conductor. We can keep going because God is with us. Oh no, I’m running out of power.

Host Jr. Conductors, can you help our friend one more time? Let’s wind him/her up with extra power.

(Use the crank to wind him/her up.)

Co-Host I have a lot of power. I can keep going.

Host You can, too, Jr. Conductors. Let’s say our Big Point one more time really loud,

Host I Can Keep Going!

  1. Let’s Practice our Big Point again. Hmm, did our Big Point say I Can Keep Going! or I Can Quit?

  2. Let’s stand and do some fun activities together without stopping. (Do several active movements) Who had to deliver lots of letters today at the Train Station? Lionel Did he think about giving up? Yes

  3. Let’s sound like a happy crowd. What does an angry crowd sound like? Were the people in the city angry at Paul? Yes What did they do? Threw rocks at him

  4. Squat down and on the count of three hop to your feet. 1, 2, 3! Let’s try that again. Did Paul stay hurt on the ground or did he hop to his feet? Hopped to his feet Did Paul keep going and finish his job? Yes

  5. Let’s pretend to lift something heavy. What are you lifting? Is it hard to lift? Who helps us to keep going, even when we don’t feel like it? God

  6. Let’s pretend we are holding the whole world in our arms. How big is it? What do you see? Do you see the oceans? What does our Big Verse say? Matthew 24:14 (NIrV), “This good news of the kingdom will be preached in _______ world.” a. The whole b. Part of the


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