Ark Kids Junior: Go (Missions Series)

Go Week 3: I Can Give!

Farmer Faith learns that she can give to help people all over the world.

Large Group

Large Group Instructions

Countdown from 10
Materials: Lesson Plan
Materials: Overalls (2), Train Hat (2), Handkerchief (2), Candy
  • Host and Co-Host enter

Host Welcome to the Train Station, Jr. Conductors!

Co-Host I’ve had so much fun learning about missionaries at the Train Station. They are people who love God and want to follow Him.

Host Missionaries tell others about Jesus. They can do that right here in our town or even in faraway place around the world.

Co-Host Do missionaries only talk about Jesus?

Host No, they do more than talk. They also give to others. It’s like this candy I plan to give to my friends.

Co-Host Give? I like to do that. (Takes the candy) Didn’t I do a great job of giving?

Host Jr. Conductors, did our friend give or take the candy? He/She took the candy. We’re going to learn how to give things away. Be sure to listen to our Big Point so you can learn how to help like missionaries do. If you’re ready for a great day at the Train Station, say “Choo-choo!”

Materials: Overalls (2), Train Hat (2), Handkerchief (2), Long Rope
  • Host and Co-Host enter

Host Do you think that Farmer Faith’s flowers will grow tall? I’m sure they will.

Co-Host Do you think that only special people can be missionaries? Let’s see what our Big Point says. Everyone put your hand by your ear,

Co-Host I Can Give!

Host Anyone can give to help other people.

Co-Host How can we help someone who is far away?

Host It takes everyone working together. You might not live near someone in another country, but you can give by praying for them. Let’s have a friend stand all the way in the back of the room. We’re going to work together to get the rope from you all the way to that Jr. Conductor. Hold the end of the rope and I’ll pass the other end to a friend. Each time we think of a way to give we will pass the rope to another friend.

Co-Host Could I give money to a missionary so they can help someone?

Host You sure can. I’ll pass the rope to another person. Let’s think of more ways to give.

(Share different ideas. Each time pass the rope back, but have the kids hold on to part of the rope. Keep going until the rope reaches from the stage to the back of the room.)

Co-Host Wow! I’m up here, but my rope reached all the way to the back.

Host God uses everyone to give. We work together with missionaries to share God’s help with people close by and far away.

Co-Host That means that Farmer Faith could give, too.

Host She sure can. Let’s go share the Big Point with her.

Materials: Overalls (2), Train Hat (2), Handkerchief (2), Bouquet of Balloons

Host and Co-Host enter

Host Did it look like the kids in the video enjoyed that playground? They sure did. Most of those kids had never played on a playground before. What’s your favorite part of a playground? Let’s hold our arms up and move like we’re sliding down the slide. Lots of people gave so that the kids in Sierra Leone could have their very own. Let’s practice the Big Point again.

Host I Can Give!

Co-Host Let’s read the Big Verse that Conductor Carl shared.

Co-Host Matthew 10:8 (NIrV), “You have received freely, so give freely.”

Host We can give because God has already given lots to us.

Co-Host Sometimes I’m scared to give because I’m worried that I won’t have enough left for me.

Host When we give, we trust God to take care of us. Let me show you what I mean. How many of you love balloons?

Co-Host I do. What is your favorite balloon color? (Allow for answers) Pretend to blow up a balloon. (Pretend to blow up the balloon) Should we keep going? How big is your balloon? Let’s go even bigger. Oh no, it’s going to pop. Shout “pop!”

Host Conductor Carl gave me a whole bouquet of balloons to share. I’m going to choose a Jr. Conductor to help me share them. (Choose a volunteer) He gave freely. Since he gave freely to me, I can freely share.

(Walk around and share a balloon with different volunteers around the room until you have two left.)

Co-Host Look at how many balloons you gave away. Let’s count them, Jr. Conductors.

(Count the balloons.)

Host How many do I have left? Two! I’m going to give one to you.

Co-Host Me? Thanks!

Host I still have one balloon left for me. We can give because God has given to us. Let’s stand and thank God for giving us lots of good gifts.


Jr. Conductors, let’s think of some things that God has given to us. God has given us so much. Let’s bow our heads, close our eyes, and thank Him for His help. You can do that now. (Pause) Now I’ll pray, too. Dear God, thank You for everything You have given to us. You are so kind and loving. Help us to find lots of ways to give to others. Amen.

Materials: Overalls (2), Train Hat (2), Handkerchief (2), Bucket, Nerf or Plastic Balls
  • Host and Co-Host enter

Host I love that Farmer Faith is going to help build a playground like we saw in the video. She learned that the Big Point is true,

Host I Can Give!

Co-Host If you want to give you have to let it go. I learned that you can’t hold on to something you want to give.

Host That’s true, but we can let go of what we give because we trust God to take care of us. Let’s play a game where we let go of something by tossing it away. I have a basket. I’m going to choose some Jr. Conductors to come up and toss a ball into the basket.

(Play the game allowing kids to come up and toss the ball into the hamper.)

Co-Host You did a great job because you let the ball go. I’m going to ask God to help me think of something I can give this week. I’m going to give it away and let it go.

Host Good job. I know that the Jr. Conductors will do the same thing, too. Let’s say our Big Point,

Host I Can Give!

  1. Let’s Practice our Big Point again. Hmm, did our Big Point say I Can Give! or I Can Take?

  2. Let’s pretend to play on a playground. What should we play on first? (Allow for answers and pretend to play with that item) What did the missionaries build for the kids in the video today? Playground Did they give that playground away to the kids? Yes

  3. Stand up and walk in place. Now walk backwards like this. What was wrong with the guy Paul met in the city? He couldn’t walk

  4. Let’s stand up and hop on one foot. Hop on the other foot. What did Paul do when he saw the man who couldn’t walk? Prayed for him What happened to the man? He hopped to his feet and walked

  5. Let’s pretend to make some cookies. What kind should we make? Let think of everything we need to mix together to make the cookies. (Name the ingredients) Let’s put them in the oven. Ding! They’re ready. Take a bite. What are some things that we could give?

  6. Let’s count the balloons on the screen. Is that a lot of balloons or just a little bit? What does our Big Verse say? Matthew 10:8 (NIrV), “You have received ______, so give freely.” a. Freely b. A little


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